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Photoshop designer and CS5 logo.

Photoshop designers have a love/hate relationship with Photoshop and its counterparts. I use Photoshop every day of the week, and I venture into Illustrator and Fireworks on a fairly regular basis when projects require it. I have become an expert in designing full-featured, multi-layered PSD mockups of web pages, apps, icons, and elements.

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Photoshop has its place

A screenshot of Photoshop.
I subscribe to the make your mockup in markup idea, suggesting designers build HTML prototypes, rather than flat Photoshop documents. Building HTML wireframes is a much more realistic approach than using an illustration application.

Whenever possible, I build wireframes in HTML & CSS. But of course, the artistic side of web design can’t be accomplished in a browser alone. For that, I make full use of Photoshop and other Creative Suite applications.

Imagery is a main focus

A wireframe sketch.
In all my years of designing for the web, one message has rung true consistently: imagery is crucial. The most informative website in the world is useless if users don’t read it. And Jakob Nielsen loves to remind us (correctly so) that users don’t read; they scan. I’ve learned to cater to that scanning behavior with engaging, contextual imagery.

Using well-designed, relevant images to guide users through a page’s content enhances the users’ experience and it ensures that the page’s message is delivered smoothly and completely.

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