Portfolio item: Erin Shea Dressage.
Erin Shea Dressage

The website of Erin Shea Dressage, a dressage trainer in Townsend, MA, features a custom, responsive WordPress theme.

Portfolio item: BRIDGE Energy Group & Fishnet Media.
BRIDGE Energy Group

I implemented the Fishnet Media design team's work and configured a custom, responsive WordPress theme.

Portfolio item: UMass Band Parents.
UMass Band Parents

This redesign includes a hand-coded PHP photo EXIF parser, a responsive layout & a touch-friendly media gallery viewer.

Portfolio item: Vermont ASCE.
Vermont Section of ASCE

This website features responsive design, a custom WordPress theme & custom subnavigation functionality.

Portfolio item: UMass Hotel.
UMass Amherst Campus Hotel

For this project, I was commissioned a second time by web solutions company, Glexia, Inc.. Being a UMass Amherst alumnus, I was proud to be building a site for the university’s on-campus hotel. As with most travel & lodging websites, the UMass Campus Center Hotel’s website focuses mainly on showcasing their inventory. The client was very helpful

Portfolio item: UMass Drumline.
UMass Drumline

The UMass Drumline website began as a side project while I was a student at UMass. I was a member of the group, so naturally I volunteered to build their website. This current version is a huge improvement over its first version, completed in 2004, which used tables & other old techniques. Since 2009, the site

Portfolio item: UMass Alumni Demo.
UMass Alumni Demo

I built this site to demonstrate to the UMass Amherst Alumni Association how a redesign of their site could look. The association contacted me and asked for my opinion on their recent redesign. I gave them a 20-page PDF review of the site and this working demo of my proposed design. The site has no

Portfolio item: StudentCity Redesign.
StudentCity Redesign

At the time this redesign launched, StudentCity was my current employer. I designed this interface for their site over the last few months. As of this posting, the redesign has been changed from my design. The site was designed to appeal to a high school and college audience. Its inspiration was the concepts of fun and

Portfolio item: Studentcity.
StudentCity Spring Break

StudentCity is a subsidiary of TUI Student Travel, my current employer. I have worked for them, designing new sections and updating existing ones since late 2007. This website grows and evolves on a daily basis. Our homepage was redesigned close to a dozen times during 2009. I have been responsible for designing layout & interface for

Portfolio item: Spartans Drum and Bugle Corps.
Spartans Drum and Bugle Corps

I helped The Spartans graduate into 2010, updating their layout and codebase to meet modern standards. It’s a pleasure to see non-profit groups emerge into the web and social media space. The site runs on WordPress with a 100% custom theme. The theme focuses on semantics and speed. All class & id names are structured

Portfolio item: Pi Kappa Phi fraternity.
Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity

I’ve been working with the guys of “PiKapp” for quite some time now. The project began in the Fall of 2005 as an unexpected referral from a friend-of-a-friend. The website has been through three distinct phases. The current state, as of September 2009, is the result of migrating the site to WordPress, while maintaining the

Portfolio item: Mobile Percussion Seminar.
Mobile Percussion Seminar

Thom Hannum’s Mobile Percussion Seminar is a percussion clinic for high school students that operates every summer on the UMass Amherst campus. I’ve had the pleasure of working as a staff member at the camp for several seasons. I originally designed the site several years ago, drawing inspiration from other youth camps and service groups,

Portfolio item: Meg and TJ.
Meg and TJ’s Wedding

I built this site for my own wedding. The primary goal is to inform and entertain our guests and friends. The site runs on WordPress with a 100% original theme. It’s designed to match our wedding colors: black and white. The wedding site features a custom-built jQuery Flickr photo gallery. It also utilizes several plugins for

Portfolio item: Dave Sullivan District Attorney.
Dave Sullivan, District Attorney

Dave Sullivan’s site is one of my favorite projects. I was commissioned by a web solutions company, Glexia, Inc., to design & develop this site for a local political candidate in western Massachusetts. Given the political nature of the client’s needs, accessibility was a primary focus. The site is 100% W3C standards-compliant and uses a minimal amount

Portfolio item: Daniel O'Connell's Sons.
Daniel O’Connell’s Sons

Daniel O’Connell’s Sons, Inc. contacted me about their website in May of 2009. By August, we had a signed contract, an aggressive timeline, and a full project scope. The site is my largest freelance project to date, and I’m very happy with it. To meet DOC’s needs, I chose to build their website on Expression Engine.